Power of Attorney for Property (“POAP”)

Who will take care of your property and finances if you can’t? It is an important question and one that should be considered when you are creating your estate plan. A Power of Attorney for Property identifies who will step in and be responsible for paying your bills and managing your finances and property in the event you are unable to do so yourself. This authority is critical to protecting your loved ones and your estate.

Selecting the right attorney is very important. In many situations, a spouse or adult child can be the right choice, but not always. An attorney should be objective, have the appropriate legal, tax and investment knowledge to manage your estate effectively and ensure continuity.

How we can help

Our trust officers bring the professional skills and experience necessary to manage your property and finances in the event of loss of capacity, or for any other reason that prevents you from doing so. We can be appointed as the attorney for property, as the alternate attorney (in the event your attorney is unable to carry out their responsibilities), or as a co-attorney (if the other attorney requires assistance or if you would like an impartial entity collaborating on all decisions). Whether your assets are outside your province, involve a private corporation, real estate, or other complexities, we have the expertise to ensure your property and finances are managed professionally. We also have the independence to act in a truly impartial manner, doing the one thing an attorney must do: Make every decision in your best interests.

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Solus Trust Company (“STC”) provides services in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Raymond James Trust (Québec) Ltd. (“RJTQ”) provides services in the province of Québec. Services provided by Solus Trust Company and RJTQ are not covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. STC and RJTQ are affiliates of Raymond James Ltd.