Independent Agent

Your business. Our support. The perfect balance for success.

Our Independent Agent Model is designed for the Financial Advisor who wants to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. You have the freedom to independently manage your business, while still having access to all of the products and services that Raymond James has to offer. With over 90 Independent Agent offices established across Canada, we invite you to discover why you should go independent.

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Growth of the Independent Agent Model

Since its introduction in Canada in 2003, the number of advisors partnering with us using our independent agent model has grown from 1 to over 250.

A Perfect Fit For Your Career

  • Attractive to experienced advisors with AUA > $50M
  • Ideal for sole proprietors, business partnerships, business builders, or syndicate-type offices.
  • Freedom To Run YOUR Business.
  • You make the decisions for the branch.
  • You provide all branch support (office furniture, computer hardware and software, support staff, etc.); and we provide you with our full suite of products and services. The difference between being an independent agent and a corporate advisor is invisible to your clients.
  • You own the relationship with your clients, and we will guarantee this for you in writing.
  • You serve your clients without conflict of interest from the pressures of proprietary products.

Financial Advantages

  • Independent agents receive much higher compensation than under the corporate advisor model. Compensation is paid to the agent with no withholdings. Escalating bonuses are paid to offices generating more than $1mm in commissions and fees. Attractive financial transition package available for all incoming agents.
  • Agent is a business owner for employment and tax status. This structure would be the accepted structure for an advisor considering incorporation; note that the option of incorporation is still not yet approved by the regulatory authorities. Advisors can benefit from business deductions and income-splitting opportunities otherwise unavailable to them as employees (ie. corporate advisors) – please consult your accountant for more information.

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