Why Join Raymond James

You're a different kind of advisor,
it's time to join a different kind of firm.

If you're looking for the strength, the resources and the freedom to build the kind of practice you've always wanted, you'll find it all right here. At Raymond James, we put real power directly in your hands - because we think that's where it belongs. You'll choose your path. You'll own your book. You'll serve your clients as you see fit. And we'll be here to offer you all of the support you need - and none of the pressures and quotas you don't - every step of the way.

Now that you know what kind of firm we are, it's time to decide what kind of advisor you'll be.

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Successful Advisors will always price their services accordingly, taking into consideration competitive market forces, what their time is worth, and demands on their time by their clients.

We do not subscribe to the industry trend that attempts to make each individual transaction profitable to the organization by creating a complex compensation model primarily driven by profitability considerations.

Our over-riding philosophy of viewing you as our business partner, rather than as our employee, is the foundation on how we have designed our compensation models. We appreciate that we need to view the overall contribution of the Advisor, rather than looking at the contribution of each specific transaction.

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