Behavioural Finance

Behavioural Finance is the application of psychology to people's financial behaviour. The premise is investors are not totally rational beings and do not make perfect financial decisions.

Your Financial Personality Brain: Natural Impulses = Primary Driver of Imperfect Decision-Making

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Financial Personality Discovery

A reliable prediction of how irrational financial decisions are made can be obtained through objective financial personality discovery so that investor behaviour biases can be rationally understood and then managed to make better aligned decisions.

No one is able to predict with any certainty where this current world and market volatility will go, but advisors who are able to perform this crucial shift in assisting clients in preventing them from acting on irrational decisions will clearly be ahead of the game.

What I Say Isn’t Necessarily What My Clients Hear

Advisors who have adopted Behavioural finance capabilities understand that their clients may react differently to the same life and market events because they are different. These advisors know how to re-frame communication, not because they are great orators, but because they have a deep insight into motivations behind their clients' behaviour and communication style.

Understanding Your Financial DNA

Successful financial planning requires you to have the personal clarity to be able to set goals for your life. The financial plan will then be specifically designed to help you achieve those goals based on what matters to you. In just 10 minutes you can get powerful personal insights that can help you understand your strengths and the struggles you will face on the journey toward achieving your goals.

Financial DNA